Lavender Line

When I mention the zoo to my son, he makes a ‘woo-wooo’ train noise, because the local zoo has a Thomas the Tank Engine ride.  When we drive anywhere near the station he cries ‘woo-wooo’ from the back seat.  When we go for a walk in the local wetlands he says ‘woo-wooo’ because he knows the the train tracks pass nearby and you can sometimes catch a glimpse of one through the trees. ‘Woo-woooo’ is one of about five words he knows.  He learnt it before Mama and Daddy.

So, you can imagine how awed he was when we visited the Lavender Line railway at Isfield, near Uckfield, yesterday. I was secretly pretty chuffed too. Partly it’s the beauty of the graphic colours and typography of these old trains. And partly a nostalgia for my childhood trips out. Complete with a greasy spoon cafe and old fashioned tickets.