Never felt so good

I took these a few days ago through the window of a forthcoming exhibition of feltwork by the ever-talented Barbara Keal and her equally amazing husband, carpenter Richard Keal.

I popped in to the shop today (hosted by Susanne Wolf, Lewes) and had to buy something.  I wish I had the space (and spare cash) for one of the incredible sculptural headpieces with green wood stands.  They stand or hang from the wall like a strangely organic baronial suit of armour.

Made by Barbara from local sheep and alpaca wool, the hats and headpieces seem to mystically invoke the animals they uncannily represent: stags, hares, badgers, foxes.  Waiting for us to inhabit them, they reminded me of the myth of Herne the Hunter.

And in case you’re interested, I am on the order books for one of these achingly cute hare finger puppets.